Hi there,

I need help with my midterm exam on Finance.

Here’s the guidelines: Please read carefully.

(You can access the mid-term exam only once, so you can only submit it once. However, the exam does not have a timer, so you can save any time and come back later.

Please remember that you cannot go back to the previous question. Thus, you have to finish the current question before you save and leave.

Please save the problem (either through a print-screen or copy the whole problem down), and organize your note very cleanly.

You have to also submit your working procedures for all questions (if it involve calculation), or you will loss 50% of credit. Please also note that your submission file should contains the same solution that you entered in the Lab; otherwise, I would not be able to provide any partial credit.

You should scan or take pics for all of your notes, and form a Word file with question statements, then save it as PDF file.