Need legal help with Information Security: Term Paper Using attch source documents

Due week 10, and worth 150 points
Write a term paper which will:
1.Ideally has a strong introductory paragraph and introduction laying out the key points, and what the paper accomplished.
2.Lays out the specific security case study providing both depth and detail to the key points of the case study.
3. Provide an evaluation and analysis of the key points which will support the findings presented in the conclusion.
4. Develops appropriate lessons supported by the arguments presented in the body, and draws appropriate recommendations from the lessons. Have a strong concluding statement
 Uses proper paragraphs, used source material that is appropriate to the case, and concepts, that are developed in the body, and that all direct quotes are used to support one’s words and ideas, not replace them, or pass general information.
 There is no length requirement as each case is unique and the paper will be as long or short as necessary to reach the lessons and takeaway you will support in the body of the paper.

beverlysantiagoWEEK 3 SEC 315 Proposal BK_SAN.doc

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