News Summary, law homework help

Write a 150-200-word summary of a news story from any reputable state or national news source in print, on radio, on TV, or online. Use Times New Roman, 12-pt. type, double-spaced. The story will be about the intersection of media and the First Amendment in the United States—no stories from foreign countries. Not part of the 150-200 words will be a description of where you found this news item (N.Y. Times, CNN on TV, etc.), the title of the story, the date, and URL, if applicable. The story must appear in the news media during December 3, 2016 to today. add a link to the original news page

Example of a Good Summary: This could have been improved by mentioning that this is an invasion of privacy as well and by indicating other repercussions besides suicide, such as job losses, divorces, etc.

Ashley Madison is a Canadian-based website catering to people who are married and looking to have affairs. The site was recently hacked, leading to the exposure of detailed information belonging to all of Ashley Madison’s clients. Clients’ information was released worldwide by the hackers, deeming the situation one of the most successful attempts of data breaches worldwide. The company responsible for Ashley Madison was broken into last month and this hack follows. Those caught up in the scandal include United States government 2 employees who have jobs in law enforcement and national security. Those employees are said to have used their work networks to access the website. Ashley Madison’s parent company will pay 500,000 Canadian dollars for any information that could lead to the arrest of the hackers. The FBI has been asked to assist with the investigation of the hack. Two suicides have been linked to the case since the incident surfaced, but they have not been verified as a result of the breach.…

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