No cover sheet

No Cover sheet just answer question with the information it ask. Put reference after each questions. Do not put reference at the end page. Proper grammar and englis, punctuation marks where needed. APA guidelines. Make sure if question has 2 part to elaborate on all parts.

1.Use your text and the internet to research the case of In re Gault. In a narrative format of 500 or more words, outline the case. Give the facts, issue, and court holding.

2. What rights did the court find Gault had been denied? What constitutional provisions provided those rights to Gerald Gault?

3. Discuss in detail the 14th amendment and Gault’s confinement to an Industrial School. What are the purposes of juvenile courts?

4. Your state’s governor has appointed you to a task force on juvenile justice reform. Outline at least ten key issues facing juvenile justice. Then offer ten proactive approaches to combat the problems. My State is Tennessee

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