Nomination Letter Composition

Using the bullets below, write a one page nomination letter providing a detailed narrative (no less that 600 words) description of the nominee’s (Mrs.Thurlow) distinguished service, significant contributions, and performance to the U.S Army transportation Corps.

-Ms. Thurlow serves as the face of the clinic outside gate of SHAPE Healthcare Facility “SHF”.

-Ms. Thurlow continually performs above her job requirements to provide support to the

SHAPE Healthcare facility and NATO Brussels Clinic to and from Belgium and Germany.

-She has taken on extra duties which are not in her job description such as linen orders and timely and correct “Army Post Office” APO Mail.

– Her selfless service was evident during the multitudes of non-standard duty hours to include transporting 68k worth of computers and monitor from Germany to ensure the system upgrade was completed in time for SHF.

– Ms. Thurlow is a much-needed asset to SHF

– She served primarily as a Motor Transport Operator in the Distribution Platoon during his time with the White Falcons and has driven over 8,300 incident free miles delivering medical and non-medical supplies

– She has never received negative feedback about her service or timeliness.

– Ms. Thurlow regularly embraced challenges typically associated with leadership positions well above his pay grade and completed them in a manner consistent with that of a professional.

-Extra duties also include maintenance of our Government Vehicles “GOV” gas credit card and dispatching all GOV vehicles (SHAPE and Brussels).

-Her efforts have directly saved the SHAPE Healthcare Clinic thousands of dollars in TDY funds making possible for other staff members to attend training events.

-She is task oriented and detail minded; completes assignments to the fullest while staying focused to make sound and timely decisions.

-Provides transportation for Soldiers to and from their scheduled medical appointments in Germany.