Non-Digital Game Analysis


Using the MDA framework, discuss the aesthetics (desirable emotional responses) of a non-digital game of your choice. Your game can be anything that isn’t a video game: card games, board games, RPGs, and sports are all options. Once you’ve chosen a game, play it and write down what kinds of aesthetics you experience while playing it.


Step 1

Read – The Original MDA Paper (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。

Watch – Extra Credits – Aesthetics of Play (链接到外部网站。)链接到外部网站。

The 8 MDA Aesthetics

  1. Sensation (Game as sense-pleasure): Player experience something completely unfamiliar.
  2. Fantasy (Game as make-believe): Imaginary world.
  3. Narrative (Game as drama): A story that drives the player keep coming back
  4. Challenge (Game as obstacle course): Urge to master something. Boosts a game’s replay.
  5. Fellowship (Game as social framework): A community where the player is an active part of it. Almost exclusive for multiplayer games.
  6. Discovery (Game as uncharted territory): Urge to explore the game world.
  7. Expression (Game as self-discovery): Own creativity. For example, creating a character resembling a player’s own avatar.
  8. Submission (Game as pastime): Connection to the game, as a whole, despite constraints.

Step 2

Write a three-page paper discussing the aesthetics of the game. Please include at least two images of the game you discuss.

Step 3

Follow the Submission Guidelines page to turn in your assignment.

Rubrics & Evaluation

This assignment totals 10 pts. It is graded as follows:

2 pts – Structure: The author uses headings to guide the reader’s eye from one point to the next, and makes his or her points in a clear, well-written and objective language. The paper should reference all sources that were used and it should not contain grammatical errors. The paper is at least three (3) pages long (12pt font, double-spaced, including images).

2 pts – Presentation: The author includes at least relevant two (2) images of the discussed game, and includes links to information about the game.

3 pts – Application: The author discusses the emotional aesthetics of the game.

3 pts – Contribution: The author adds a unique perspective, an interesting contribution or some insightful comments to what he or she has played.