NR 304 Health Assessment 2

RUA: Health history and physical examination on an individual.Ebook: Jarvis, C., Eckhardt, A., & Thomas, P. (2020). Physical examination & health assessment (8th ed.). Saunders.The purpose of the assignment is two-fold:To recognize the interrelationships of subjective data (physiological, psychosocial, cultural/spiritual values, and developmental) and objective data (physical examination findings) in planning and implementing nursing care.To reflect on the interactive process that takes place between the nurse and an individual while conducting a health assessment and a physical examination.Review and download the NR304RUA Health History and Physical Examination GuidelinesĀ (Links to an external site.)for the assignment to assure you have addressed all required elements prior to submitting.PLEASE FOLLOW THE GUIDELINES ATTACHED IN THE FILES.Please ensure that your submissions adhere to 7th edition APA formatting and submit in a Microsoft Word document format.APA format (7th ed.) and is free of errorsGrammar and mechanics are free of errors free of PlagiarismReferences: Use your book, the outside source must be within the last 5 yrs, Scholarly Articles,s or Nurse journals within the last 5 yrs.