A 4-year-old who requires a life saving organ transplant has been admitted to the local children’s hospital via ambulance. The child was at school, when a school nurse noticed that the child needed immediate medical attention and called 911. The child is joined in the hospital by mom and dad who don’t believe in modern medicine. Because of their views, the parents have not brought the child in for preventive well-child visits. The condition was only discovered when the child became severely symptomatic and required hospitalization. Although organ transplantation is the only chance for long-term survival of the child, mom and dad decide to not place their child on the transplant list.As the child’s nurse, should you respect the parents decision to decline life saving measures, or should you report the case to children services for potential neglect and further investigation?Below is the article you will be using for the powerpoint presentation slides add any reference you want to use.Statistical Significance and Ethical Principles this is the two I want on the powerpoint presentation slide