NRF Core Capability and Critical Tasks Discussion

# Discuss NRF Core Capability and Critical Tasks 1 and 2. Why are these important to an Emergency Manager? What would be your ‘target capability’ be for these Critical Tasks for the first 8 hours, 24 hours, and 72 hours in your community for an event destroying the local hospital and electrical grid?

# APA Style.

# Two References.

# Two Paragraphs at least.

# Reading Assignments :

Sylves chapters 4 (review), 6

National Response Framework: –


This is simply the cover page of the document above.

Make sure that you click on each (+) to open all expanded issues within the PPD. You will also see an underlined statement at the top that opens more expanded information.

PPD 8 Overview


Yes, these are both big documents, but the Sylves chapters make them manageable. Start with those chapters, then open the NRF files and skim through. I have posted an overview of PPD 8 which “boils down” that document even more than the Sylves chapter. Don’t get bogged down in the immensity and verbiage of both documents. Keep them in your personal library for future reference.