Nursing questions

Need help with These 8 questions.· 5What does a positive Homan’s sign indicate?· Diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis· Peripheral artery disease· Calf pain with dorsiflexion of the ankle· Vitamin B12 deficiency· Question Points: 0.0 / 1.5· 6What is the most commonly used steroid to treat spinal cord compression?· Prednisone· Methylprednisolone succinate (Solu-Medrol)· Hydrocortisone succinate (Solu-Cortef)· Dexamethasone (Decadron)· Question Points: 0.0 / 1.5· 11What type of pain occurs due to bone metastasis?· Visceral pain· Somatic pain· Neuropathic pain· Peripheral pain· Question Points: 0.0 / 1.5· 12A 39-year-old male with no significant past medical history presents to the ER with purulent sputum, low-grade fever without chills, mild dyspnea on exertion, and rare hemoptysis for the past 4 days. What diagnostic finding would support your diagnosis of acute bronchitis?· Sputum gram stain and CNS: Usually show gram-negative diplococci.· CBC: Usually shows elevated WBC with acute bronchitis.· CXR: Usually shows pleural effusion that layers out in lateral decubitus position.· CXR: Usually shows absence of lung infiltrate.· Question Points: 0.0 / 1.5· 14Which of the following criteria isnota requirement for acute rehab admission?·Requiring two or more therapy disciplines·Able to follow commands·Able to feed one’s self·Physical stamina for 3 hours a day· Question Points: 0.0 / 1.5· 15Which of the following patients would benefit most from being admitted to an acute rehab hospital after discharge?· 42-year-old female after biocartilage implantation· 70-year-old cantankerous male after a myocardial infarction· 65-year-old female after a stroke· 63-year-old confused male after a laminectomy· Question Points: 0.0 / 1.5· 19What is a common problem for patients with spinal stenosis?· Pain upon waking· Radiating pain while sitting· Pain in both legs with activity· Back pain that worsens with standing· Question Points: 0.0 / 1.5· 23What is the most common contracture in a patient with cerebral palsy?· Adduction of the shoulder· Adduction of the hip· Abduction of the hip· Adduction of the shoulderQuestion Points: 0.0 / 1.5