nursing research 250 words apa format

What are the challenges encountered in data collection as it applies to research? What are the types of interview technique when interviewing participants? List your preferences and tell us why?*Remember APA guidelines regarding references and citations in your discussion posts.Discussion Post Rubric:Each posting and Reading Reflection:Criteria1.25 Point1 Point0.75 Point0ParticipationWeight 25.00%100 %3 Posts80 %2 Posts60 %1 Post0 %0 PostsQuality of informationWeight 25.00%100 %Information is clear and relates to the topic80 %Information is somewhat clear and might relate to the topic60 %The information has little relation to the topic and is not clearly displayed0 %Information is not clear and it does not relate to the topicResourcesWeight 25.00%100 %Provides relevant resources using APA guidelines80 %Provides relevant resources without APA guidelines60 %Limited on the resources provided with major errors in APA0 %Does not provide any resourcesCritical ThinkingWeight 25.00%100 %Enhances the critical thinking process through premise reflection80 %Enhances the critical thinking process without premise reflection60 %Does enhance the critical thinking process in a very limited manner0 %Does not enhance the critical thinking process4