nursing theorist

You are to write a 2 pageresearch paper about the listed nurse theorists.  (Betty Neuman theory)Your paper should have an APA title page, at least2 sources, and an APA reference page. Your paper should contain 2 pages of research with an additional cover page and reference page, a total of 4 pages.  You should give a short history of the theorist, discuss their major accomplishments, and discuss how they have made an impact on today’s nursing practice.  All the requirements of the paper must be included to get full credit.  You must have 2 references for this paper.You can use the textbook and Internet sources for this paper.  Your sources must be academic/scholarly.  NO WIKEPEDIA, ASK.COM, ETC.BECAUSE OF THE LARGE CLASS, THIS IS NOT A GROUP PAPER, EACH PAPER SHOULD BE UNIQUE AND IN YOUR OWN WORDS TO AVOID PLAGIARISM.