Nutrition Infographic

PLEASE, READ INSTRUCTIONS, IT MUST BE A POWERPOINT, see to ones in the link below as reference. MUST BE ORIGINAL, tho.For this project you will develop a Nutrition Infographic where you will share nutrition information, diet, exercise tips and nutrition topics you have learned in this course – please navigate to: to an external site.for examples of Nutrition Infographics. Your work MUST be original.Objectives:At the end of this project, students will be able to:1. Apply knowledge gained from the Nutrition Course2. Share nutritional tips and activities to keep us healthy3. Determine what types of foods support healthy eatingYou MUST include either of the following topics learned in your course in the Infographics:·       Healthy Eating·       Good Nutrition·       Healthy Habits (exercise, diet, etc.)·       Recommended food groups·       Recommended vitaminsSubmit:·       Your Nutrition Infographic should be submitted in PPT format.·       Your Infographic should use a similar format providedInfographic template-1 (1).pptxdownload