OB460 Under Armour Company

The chosen organization is Under Armour.

Include the following new section as part of your Key Assignment:

  1. Stressors (700–900 words)
    • Identify stressors within your organization.
    • How are the following 4 psychological approaches used to address stressors in your organization?
      • Physiological
      • Individual differences
      • Stimulus
      • Transactional

Four approaches to stress are physiological, individual differences, stimulus-based, and transactional. The physiological approach is the physical response to stressful situations. The individual-differences approach is based on the psychological profile of the individuals who are under stress. The stimulus approach is gauging stress based on the situation that creates the stress, such as work or personal situations. Lastly, the transactional approach is used to define stress in the eyes of the individual, meaning that each individual has different levels of stress tolerance.

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