Ogilvy & Mather adverting agency, management homework help

Answer and discuss these questions in 6 pages or more with reference.

(about Ogilvy & Mather adverting agency)

1.Visit the company’s website http://www.ogilvy.com/ (namely NEWSROOM/PRESS RELEASE), and note examples of recent decisions shaping the company.

o Programmed decisions that Ogilvy & Mather faced (familiar problem or designs ), 2 non-programmed (unique problem from 2012 to 2016 )

o Agreement on goals, level of participation in decision making.

2. Identify two or three strategic moves made by the company, and write a brief note of each:

o Ogilvy & Mather Strategy: decisions that add value in the long run.

o Match external conditions with internal capabilities (SWOT analysis of Ogilvy & Mather agency ).

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