operations management

What is your favorite place to shop online?

For this assessment, please create a critical path chart for a favorite purchase of yours and how it gets from supplier(s) to manufacturer to online retailer and then to you!

Please provide a full two page analysis using APA format. When complete, attach it in the dropbox. Add at minimum two citations. Be sure to include your name with your submission.

As a simplified version – I buy Fritos Corn Chips from Amazon

critical path would be –

1a. Corn from farmer -> (2)warehouse

1b. Salt from Ocean -> (2)warehouse

(2) warehouse sends corn to be made into oil

(2) warehouse sends corn to be milled

(2) warehouse receives milled corn, corn oil, and salt and sends to (3) factory

(3) factory combines ingredients and makes Frito’s and sends to be (4) packaged

(4) Packager sends to (5) Amazon Warehouse

(5) Amazon sends to me

— and by all means, this is not an exhaustive list