operations plan

Research the operational components of your chosen project. Based on your research and the knowledge that you have gained from the course, create a 4- to 5-page operations plan by completing the following tasks:Define the management team by drafting an organizational chart and a plan for hiring employees.Draft the key employee policies and a code of ethics.Provide the details on the workplace environment, the location of the business, and the facilities necessary to operate the business. If a virtual component is a part of the workplace, explain how that is going to be incorporated.Describe the supply chain of the venture, with its main components and its management approach.Describe the manufacturing or customer service processes, discussing economies of scale and plans for attaining those economies (if applicable).Discuss significant innovations related to the delivery process, production (if applicable), inventory management (if applicable), and distribution.Describe methods to define and ensure the quality of the products or services.Discuss laws impacting the business and methods for compliance with federal, state, and local tax laws.Submission Details:By Wednesday, August 13, 2014