Organisational Behavior

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Week 5 Activity Perception and Individual Decision Making

Choose a film that you have seen recently, and which you particularly enjoyed. Now find a friend or colleague who has seen the same film, and who hated it.

Discuss your views of that particular film. What factors (age, sex, background, education, interest, values and beliefs, political views, past experience) can you identify that explain the differences in perception between you and your friend or colleague?

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Week 6 – Motivation

Security screening staff at airport watch thousands of people each day pass through X-Ray machines: to do their job well, they must maintain high levels of concentration on each and every item and person being scrutinized, without relaxing their standards or daydreaming for even one second.

How might these employees be motivated to provide the security that travel threats now demands?

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Week 7 Activity (Group Behaviour and Team at Work)

Suppose that you are a leader of a team that has just been created to develop a new registration process at your college or university. How can you use an understanding of the stages of team development to improve your team’s effectiveness?

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Week 8 Activity (Leadership)


Watch the following video: (Ten Leadership Theories in 5 minutes)


Answer the following questions:

1. What is the difference between trait and behaviour theories of leadership? are the theories valid?

2.How can organisations select and develop effective leaders? provide 1 example.

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Week 9 (Power & Politics)

Suggest the sources of power that would be available to a leader of a university’s student organization/association. What sources of power may not be available? To be effective, should student leaders keep power to themselves or delegates power to other students?

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