Organizational Behavior Research Paper

1. Complete the free version of the personality test called “Jung Typology Test” that is basedon Carl Jung’s and Isabel Briggs Myers’ personality type theory similar to “Myers-Briggs TypeIndicator® Assessment” at the link below.2. Complete the Competency Assessment & Development Plan listed below. This is afoundational action-learning tool that is designed to help you to analyze, reflect on, and betterunderstand your current level of development in the two competency areas below and to helpyou to determine ways to further develop the competencies. Please note: this is not found inthe textbook and is used as a supplemental tool. You may want to research about thecompetencies.3. Organizational Behavior at a company of your choice (note this section #3 is worth 30points). Choose a company (any company of your choice, however I would suggest thecompany you work for or are familiar with) and discuss the company’s common beliefs,assumptions, culture, and behaviors about how individuals and groups act in a dynamicorganizational environment. Research the company to gain insight on real