Organizational Culture Research Paper and Presentation Assignment Spring 2016, communications homework help

Hey Brenda. I hope all is well with You. I need help in doing a research paper. The topic of the research should focus on best practices in creating effective organizational culture. you can research about it and include examples about me like a case study on a work experience I had. but the research paper requires not to use first or second person pronouns so you can use the third person pronouns. so you can make it as you talking about someone else. I’ll upload the research paper requirements so you can review it and if you have any question please let me know and keep me updated.

note: the file I upload is a guide of how you should write the paper so just review it and ignore the presentation part in the bottom cause I’m going to do it later. the research paper should be 5 full pages exclude the cover page and references Organizational Culture Research Paper and Presentation Assignment Spring 2016 (4).docx .

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