Organizational Development, single spaced APA format 5pages

REQUIREMENTS: no plagiarism, 100 % original work, an excellent writing skills and grammar, Citation through the MS WORD, textbook and additional sources need to be cited and proper Reference list. Each question need to be done separate files, each question includes citation as well as References

W4DQ1: (single spaced 0.5 page)

What are the three steps in Simon’s decision-making process? Relate these steps to an actual decision.

W4DQ2: (single spaced 0.5 page)

Suppose you are employed in an entry-level management position in a large bank. What specific considerations (contingencies) would you identify of sending an e-mail versus talking in person to someone else in a bank?

W4CLA 1 (4 single spaced pages)

Read Real Case: Online Communication to Share Knowledge in Chapter 8. In a 4 page report, answer the following questions:

1. Obviously, the “Information Age” has arrived. What impact do you think it has on interpersonal communication?

1.1. What are some of the positives and the negatives?

1.2. Consider how this affects company culture and employee motivational needs or processes.

2. Specifically cite examples from the case where the human dimension is dysfunctional for advanced communication technologies.

2.1. How can these problems be overcome?

3. With such communication systems in place, what impact does interactive communication now play?

3.1. Is this good or bad for organizational outcomes?