Organizational Discussion – Training methods etc..

Does not need to be in APA format. Just questions answered in a min of 80 words each. Please provide references as needed.Message 1:Provide an example of when a lecture based training would be the most beneficial. What delivery method do you feel is the best?How has technology changed training? What are the benefits technologies bring to a training department?   What are the challenges?Message 2:How is a virtual classroom similar to a traditional classroom? How is it different?What is the benefit of combining web-based training with classroom training? Provide an example.Message 3:Explain the advantages of organizational training/coaching and provide an example.Message 4:What are some drawbacks with On the Job training? Provide an example.Message 5:What is an example of multimedia training? Please share your experiences using multimedia in a training session.Message6:Using distance learning, how could you develop a lesson using the “do” method?Message 7:How do some companies integrate technology and traditional training methods? Provide examplesMessage 8:What are the five step experiential learning model? Please provide and explain.