Organizational Identities and Practical Reflection

Choose one of the following organizational identities; a metropolitan police force, a rural police force, a state prison system in a rural area, or a federal prison system in an urban area. Identify any social, economic, and other demographic and ecological factors that they are likely to encounter in their respective environments.

Last week, you did research on position descriptions for the jobs at the Federal, state, local, and private-sector. This week, discuss some of the skills and abilities that you may need to acquire beyond your degree needed to acquire and progress in your selected position, and some ways to obtain those skills.


Criminology skills: Here you have to understand how and why crimes happen. Methods of crimes. Really get to understand the ‘criminal mind’ so that you can know how to approach an issue. This requires school knowledge so a diploma in criminology will be an added advantage.

General programming: software development concepts and software analytical skills to enable you manoeuvre around the computer and solve technical problem. A course in programming will be necessary to achieve this.

Knowledge of the law: For you to investigate you must do it according to the law so that even if it is private investigations, so that if it proceeds into a criminal investigation, the evidence can be admissible in a court of law. This means that you must be thoroughly aware of all laws within and even outside your state. Going to a college for a course in law will be highly recommended.