Organizational Theory Final Project, business and finance homework help

  1. Unit VIII Final Project The goal of this project is for you to utilize all of the topics you have learned throughout this course in a real world situation. In order to complete this project by the end of Unit VIII, you should be spending time on it each week that you are in the course.
  2. You are the senior operations manager for a mid-sized insurance company. One of your smaller competitors (also an insurance company) has been hit hard due to many claims from a recent major storm. The company has also made some bad investments and is in financial trouble. Your boss has called you in to tell you that they plan on buying out this firm and integrating their business, and he needs you to develop the internal executive proposal that outlines a plan for integrating the smaller company into your current company’s current organizational model. Your job is to come up with an organizational plan to create a smooth merger of the two companies. From start to finish, develop a proposal ‘for internal use only’ that explains how the company should proceed. Your boss tells you that the main goal of your proposal is to minimize behavioral resistance to change at both companies, to include clients, leadership, and subordinates. Include recommendations, such as activities, communications, and corporate meetings/events, in each related area of organizational behavior that will help with this merger. Be sure to cite theories from your textbook and at least three peer-reviewed, scholarly articles written in the organizational behavior field within the last three to five years to support your proposed ideas.
  3. Your paper should consist of a minimum of two pages in Times New Roman 12-point font and be double-spaced. Please be sure to cite all references, including your textbook, in proper APA format. Be sure to cover each of the following content areas:BUS 3451, Organizational Theory and Behavior 3
  •  Improving Perceptions
  •  Work-Related Stress
  •  Employee Motivation
  •  Rational Choice Paradigm
  •  Team Processes
  •  Channels Of Communication
  •  Organizational Culture And Power
  •  Ethical Issues
  •  Organizational Structure