outline and Persuasive presentations

Persuasive Pitch/Persuasive SpeechPedagogy: Persuasive Skills and TheoryStep by Step Instructions:Students are to select a purpose and reason for giving their presentation as it suits their needs as a student, business person, or citizen. So, if you are an academic and want to do a traditional “speech” this is good! If you are into business and want to hone your skills in sales or marketing–this is good. If you want to work on an issue that you are passionate about, go for it!Follow the instructions in theory and design from class workshops and literature. You must select a “speech pattern” and create an academic outline as the basis for your presentation. This presentation is not simply redoing your informative style presentation. You must use strategy.Use five OR MORE sources to add strength to your argument.After your academic outline is created, work to create any necessary visuals and/or a speaking outline or notes.Put together a 5-6 minute presentation.