Paper on a Criminological Theory: Problem in society: Drugs, law homework help

Problem in society: Drugs

Theory that explains the problem: Rational Choice Theory (1.the view that crime is a function of a decision-making process in which the potential offender weighs the potential costs and benefits of an illegal act)

Based on the problem and theory chosen, what is a policy (a program) that comes out of it? It can be an existing program or one you envision working.

Each of these three sections should be comprehensive in nature and well supported through research. Write the paper as if the reader has no idea of problem, doesn’t know what the theory is and has never heard of the policy/program.

APA format (no abstract required)

4 to 6 pages (title page and reference page do not count towards total)

4 to 6 academic references

1” margins

Double space

No larger than 12 point font

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