Paper on Information Technology in Global Economy

Pick a public policy problem and use concept of Information technology in Policy making, Policy modeling, Policy practice and Policy Research.  write a paper including following sections.

  • Section 1: Statement of the Problem and it’s Setting (Citations are required only IEEE recognized)
  • Section 2: Hypotheses and/or Guiding Questions
  • Section 3: Assumptions
  • Section 4: Delimitations and Limitations
  • Section 5: Importance of the Study
  • Section 6: Review of the Literature
  • Section 7: Outline of the Proposed Study (Steps to be taken, timeline, etc.)
  • Section 7: References
  • Section 8: Description of Method
  • Section 9: Description of Data and Analysis (Description only and you do not have to do any Analysis given time limitations. Short description would be okay for full credit).
  • Section 10: Identification of Possible Weakness

Topics to chose from :