Performance Measurement in Education: Rating the Performance of Grant-funded Intervention Programs (JAG and TRIO-SSS)

Part II. DUE: February 14 by 11:59 CST (30 points). Introduction and Literature Review: introduce the identified research issue/problem, complete a thorough literature review, and present the research question. The following areas should be covered (and not limited to) in Part II: • Introduction: Describe the general area being studied. Explain the specific issue the group/individual is interested in researching and why it is significant. • Literature Review: Summarize what is known about the issues in the field. Include a summary of background information on the topic in your literature review. o Discuss critical studies done in this area, citing consistent with APA guidelines. Use current references, studies, and material, unless it is the only literature that addresses the topic. o You may include information from the book and class, but the bulk of the information must be outside credible sources. • Statement of research: State specific research issue and explain the background to the research problem. o Clearly outline the specific research questions and justification to the proposed research study. o Point out why past studies conducted on the research question are insufficient. In other words, what questions do they leave unresolved and how will this study answer these questions.