Personal Statement to get into Nursing Program

I need a personal statement for my application for Nursing school . It needs to be a detailed essa in regards to why I want to become a nurse. Here are a few details about myself.- My name is Ebony i am 29 years old- Have been working in the healthcare field for 10 years.- Started back school in 2020 after being out for 10 years. Realized that I  wanted to become a nurse to help others.-  Previously Worked in Emergency Room as an Registrar for 7 years- Currently Work in an Emergency Room as an Executive secretary for 4 years (promoted)- After experiencing Covid realized that I want to be apart of a great rewarding career.-Lost my grandmother to Covid.- Very eager to work in a fast pace environment.Here is a snippet of something I typed previously.”When I ask myself what motivates me to become a nurse, the answer is always the same: caring for others is a noble act, for sure, but devoting my life to making someone’s day a little better is the most beautiful life choice I can make. Every experience I have had has helped me develop the skills that I am going to need moving forward.I have seen so much working in the Emergency Department, working clerically as I was a Access service rep. I paid attention to the patient and asking them, their personal information to place in the system. Then I became an executive admin assistant for the emergency medicine department working with PA’s and NP’s and closely with the Vice Chair and other Attendings, handling all the behind the scenes of how to run a department. This gave me the insight from 2020 to have the support of my fellow leadership to go back to school to further my career and education to become a nurse. This pandemic hit us very hard in the medical field and we need nurses to be in the front line.  “3-4 PAGES NEEDED.