Personality Quiz edit

After taking the personality quiz i received the following letters: I,S,F,J. I stands for introvert which I can concur with because I usually do not associate myself with people and on top of that I am a homebody person and love to spend lots of quality time alone. Next, the letter S stands for sensing- I can at times sense things than having to rely on my gut to tell me what to do. Thus, I do not know why that is but just know I always been like that. Then, we have the letter F which stands for feelings. Moreover, I have to say in certain circumstances and I have people tell me that I let my emotions get the best of me, and I am actively trying to work on that due to the consequences if not dealt with. Lastly, the letter J stands for judging- I tend to judge people based on their actions and usually if their actions does not fit my expectations of maturity or respect that I would exclude the individual from my life. Furthermore, I know that that behavior is wrong but presently I am working on that issue.