Personnel and Organization Policy Unit 4 IP

Scenario:Billy’s Bar-B-Q is looking to set up a new Texas style restaurant. However, unlike the southern locations, they have come to the realization that things like taste, work ethic, and compensation expectations are different in the north.Compensation and/or benefits employee’s receive are a reflection of the companies value of the employee’s worth as to that position or the duties required to accomplish the job duties. Compensation could provide motivation for an employee to perform to the best of their abilities, or simply clock in and clock out.In framing your response, research different compensation polices from piece rate systems to hourly to salary:Identify different compensation systems and provide the benefits and disadvantages of each.Define Comparable Worth and explain how companies attempt to compensate their employees based on such a concept and not violate any federal legislation.This assignment objective is the same as the Discussion Board posted for Unit 4. This entails a Title Page, Abstract, Introduction, Body, Conclusion and atLeast 2 or more Credible References. The Body MUST be 800-1000 Words. This Must Be Non-Plagiarized.Gatewood et al., ch. 6 & 10.Same Text, same Author, same Publisher & same Edition as Unit 4 DB.I will pay $10-12 for this paper.