Describe in detail the 3 types of Social InfluenceExplain the importance of Strategically Planning and organizing a Persuasive MessageWhat is the difference between IMPLICIT and EXPLICIT conclusions?Explain the role of Repetition on persuasion:Explain what an Emotional Appeal is:Explain what a Logical Appeal is:the 8 types of Motivational Appeals. Name AND describe 4 pf those motivational appeals:FearPityGuiltHumorPatriotismSexWarmthIngratiation11 In what ways will we /or have we used Logical and Emotional appeals in our professional or personal lives?  Is it unethical to use Emotional Appeals?12 Compare logical and emotional appeals.13 Define and give examples of eight types of motivational appeals.14 Discuss the role of images in persuasion.15 Describe art, film, and image-driven advertising as forms of persuasion.16 Discuss strategies to evaluate persuasive images.THANK YOU