Phase Models in Group Development

Phase Models in Group DevelopmentTeach the class: Reflect on a time that you were part of a relatively small group, and with reference to this experience, explain Tuckman’s Model of Group Development stages to the class. Walk your classmates through the forming, storming, norming, performing, and adjourning stages of this model in relation to the group-development experience that is the basis of your reflection. If for some reason your group did not make it to the performing or adjourning stages (for example), then explain your hypotheses as to why the group did not make it this far. Be specific with the description of each stage. Include an additional relevant scholarly source to enhance your work and the learning of your peers in class.Respond substantively to a minimum of two peers by Day 7 of Week 3. Compare and contrast your peers’ explanations and experiences and identify any cultural differences with nonverbal communication. Your main post should consist of approximately 350 words.Point Value: 5 Points