Physical and psychological changes associated with aging

Module 3 introduced you to some of the many physical and psychological changes associated with aging. Use FSCJ’s databases to find scholarly, peer-reviewed research on ways that technology can be used to enhance and monitor elder cognitive capabilities, physical fitness, mental health, and safety. Such technologies might include teletherapy, telemedicine, smart-phone applications, electronic monitoring, etc.

Do not use websites that sell products as a source for this discussion. Share with the class the findings from the research you read. Next, read and reply to the posts of at least two other students. Three replies are needed for an exemplary on interaction.


Initial posts should be a minimum of 200 words. Replies to classmates should be at least 175 words. All posts must include APA style in-text citations as well as complete references. Do not list any reference unless you used it in the post. Your posts should show evidence of analysis and critical thinking, and the ability to use scholarly sources, as opposed to presenting an opinion.