Planning for Evaluation

Assignment 4: Planning for EvaluationSection 5 of Major Assessment 7: Using an Epidemiological Approach to Critically Analyze a Population Health ProblemDNP-prepared nurses are expected to effectively use research methods to analyze data, “design evidence-based interventions, [and] predict and analyze outcomes…,” (AACN, 2006, p. 11).Every research design requires you to evaluate your results. Epidemiologic studies are no different. In Week 7, you explored how using causal models can assist with evaluating the data analysis section of a study. In this week’s Discussion, you explored how epidemiological data are used to substantiate or negate the need for screening programs; evaluation is critical to ensure the data are sound and suitable as the basis for such decisions. As these experiences demonstrate, if the results of a study are not evaluated, they cannot be used to improve population health.As you begin working on Assignment 4, Section 5 of the Major Assessment 7 paper, consider how you would evaluate the anticipated results of your population health intervention developed in Sections 3 and 4 of Assignment 4. As noted in the AACN Essentials of Doctoral Education for Advanced Nursing Practice, as a DNP-prepared nurse, you are expected to predict and analyze outcomes and then design evidence-based interventions based on your analysis. This Assignment provides you with an opportunity to practice that skill.Begin developing Section 5, which is due by Friday 4/27/18 at 5pmReview      the Major Assessment Overview (see attached file, section 5 highlighted in      yellow).Review      Exhibit 8–7: The Four Stages of Evaluation on page 400 of Epidemiology      for Public Health Practice. In addition, review the articles in the      Learning Resources that describe program evaluation in various settings.The four stages of evaluation are:Formative EvaluationProcess EvaluationImpact EvaluationOutcome EvaluationSection 5: EvaluationTo Complete:In 3-page, write the following section of your paper:1) An Introduction ending with a purpose statement (e.g. the purpose of this paper is…)2) An evaluation plan based upon the health outcome that you have chosen and your anticipated results (please select the best method for evaluating the effect of the intervention out of the 4 methods mentioned above).3)  A conclusion.APA format required and minimum of 4 scholarly required from the list of required readings belowP.S. The content must be of a professional portfolio quality; it must address every major subsection in the assignment; selects most appropriate evaluation method for the project and fully and clearly describes the method for evaluating the effect of the intervention using advanced critical thinking skills; demonstrates an applied level of understanding through reflections supported by the literature about the content area. Excels in meeting expectations for graduate-level work.Required ReadingsFriis, R. H., & Sellers, T. A. (2014). Epidemiology for public health practice (5th ed.). Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett.Chapter 10, “Data Interpretation Issues”Chapter 11, “Screening for Disease in the Community”Chapter 11 examines aspects of screening for disease, including characteristics of a good screening test and how screening programs can be evaluated.Nash, D. B., Fabius, R. J., Skoufalos, A., Clarke, J. L. & Horowitz, M. R. (2016). Population health: Creating a culture of wellness (2nd ed). Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.Chapter 13, “Decision Support”This chapter addresses measurement and analysis tools used to support decision making for improvement, accountability, and research related to population health. The three main purposes of measurement in population health (improvement, accountability, research) provide the framework for this chapter.Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. (2011). A framework for program evaluation. Retrieved from CDC provides this framework for program evaluation. Review the information presented as you prepare for Assignment 4.Association for Community Health Improvement. (2006). Planning, assessment, outcomes & evaluation resources. Retrieved from the many resources available for program evaluation. These resources will inform for Assignment 4.Rural Health Information Hub. Retrieved from: from