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This is a Discussion question, therefore, no cover page is needed but must be at least 200 or more words. Can not be plagiarized. Making Capital Investment Decisions” Please respond to the following: •From the e-Activity, determine two (2) investments that you would invest in, based on your use of capital budgeting techniques. Provide a rationale for your response. •Suppose a financial manager is quoted as saying, “Our firm uses the stand-alone principle. Because we treat projects like mini firms in our evaluation process, we include financing costs because they are relevant at the firm level.” Critically evaluate the financial soundness of the manager’s statement. Justify your response Information to assist with this is below. E-activity – Watch the video titled, “How Navistar Determined Their Cost of Capital” (0 min 53 s) located below in the course shell. Next, use the Internet to search for four (4) possible investments with a diverse arrangement of cash flows. Be prepared to discuss.