please refer to instructions below (prior research attatched)

Slide 1: Briefly describe the country’s history and its relevance to its current political, economic, and legal environment.

Slide 2: Describe the country’s government and any recent political developments that could affect doing business in this country.

Slide 3: Analyze the government’s activities regarding foreign investment in the country.

Slide 4: Identify any potential formal trade barriers that can affect your marketing strategy.

Slide 5: Identify any legal activities related to this country that can affect your business operations there.

Slide 6: Analyze any government, finance, and tax considerations that affect doing business in this particular country.

Slide 7/8: Evaluate the targeted country’s technological infrastructure and how this will impact your ability to promote, price, and distribute your product as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Slide 8/9: Explain and justify the demand for your product in this country and why you believe it will turn a profit for the company.

Slide 9/10: Write a final conclusion about why this country is the best choice for promoting your company’s product based on external factors related to the country’s economic, political, and legal infrastructure.