This Assignment assesses the following course outcomes:HN300-2: Explain processes to effect social change through advocacy work at all levels of society.PC-4.1: Assess the value of multiculturalism and diversity in a global environment.To be effective as a human service professional and agent of change, it is essential to clearly understand the unique needs of the populations we wish to serve as well as programs that currently exist to meet those needs. To that end, in your first Assignment, you will take a detailed look at one of the populations served by members of the human service profession. You will then explore programs and policies that attempt to meet the needs of this group and discuss methods to advocate for change. To complete your Assignment:Select one of the populations described in Chapter 2 of your text.Describe in detail the unique needs of this population. Conduct additional research to expand on the material covered by the text. Compare these needs with those of other populations served by the human services field.Discuss the impact that prejudice and discrimination have had on members of this group and the value of multiculturalism and diversity in a global environment.Using the internet and the Kaplan Library, research programs and policies that already exist to help meet the needs of members of this group. Do you believe these policies and programs adequately serve this population? Why or why not?Finally, research skills and techniques by which a human service professional could and advocate for social change to help meet the needs of this population at the micro, mezzo and macro levels.Your Assignment should:Be presented in the form of a well-written college level documentUse an essay format, 12 point font and double spacing.Be 3–5 pages in length, not including the title and reference pages.Include a title page and reference pageIncluding at least two references in support of your observations and conclusions using proper APA citation and reference formatting.All work should be in your own words with quotes used very sparingly. Please be sure to answer every question within the body of your paper.population listCHAPTER 2 GROUPS IN NEEDCHAPTER CONTENTSIntroductionAmerica’s Poor• Who Are the Poor?• Welfare• Other Programs for the PoorThe Unemployed• Consequences of Joblessness• Unemployment Rates• Unemployment Insurance• Impact of Unemployment on Human ServicesChildren in Need• Children and the Changing American Family• Children of Single-Parent Families• Abused and Neglected ChildrenSurvivors of Domestic Violence• Who Are the Victims?• Theories• InterventionsSenior Citizens• Social Security• Health Care for the Aged• The Dementia• Community Programs for Senior Citizens• Nursing Homes• Working with Senior Citizens• Current Aging TrendsPeople with Disabilities• Mainstreaming People with Disabilities• Psychological Barriers against People with Disabilities• The Rehabilitation ProcessPeople with Mental Illness• Prevalence of Mental Illness• Trends in Mental Health Care• Current Problems in Mental Health Care• What Mental Health Services Are Needed?Substance Abusers