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How net neutrality will affect data networks and the availability of information to businesses. Do you believe net neutrality will lead to IT efficiency? Why or why not?

In the market, there are three key players available, customers, service providers, and content providers. For example, we are the customers, Netflix/Hulu/Amazon prime/ Google or YouTube Tv are the content providers and, Comcast/At&T/ Spectrum are the service providers. So, the service providers are providing access to the content providers connect to the customers/viewers/vendors. If the vendor has to communicate with the different organizations, the internet is the medium to join each other, and it’s not free, it costs money. So, the federal communications commissions (FCC) has proposed four major principles such as no blocking, no discrimination, transparency, and reasonable network management. For instance, content providers such as Netflix/Hulu/Amazon prime/ Google or YouTube Tv, while they are paying for the internet usage and the access, do not pay the ISPs of the users they have reached.

I believe that the net neutrality will lead to IT efficiency because the service providers like Comcast/At&T and Spectrum wants to charge to their users of the internet such as content providers need to give an additional fee to reach their subscribers. For example, Google needs to provide some extra charges to the AT&T to access their customers, failure of the additional cost will cause blocking traffic from those sites to its customers (and, also preventing their customers from reaching out google). In conclusion, for the revenue system, it will benefit both IP service providers and the content providers by the mutual benefit of the customers and content providers over the internet (Service provider).