Poverty and its impact on population health. 1400 words due 10/27/2020

Visit https://www.census.gov/topics/income-poverty/poverty.html  (copy and paste this link to the browser)1) You will need to access statistics related to poverty using the link above.2) 200 words. What adverse health outcome can poverty have on population health?3) 400 words. Make notes on the prevalence of poverty and homelessness in Peoria, Illinois.4) 400 words. Identify the socioeconomic factors contributing to poverty and homelessness in that region.5) 400 words. Think of ways of reducing poverty and homelessness.  Provide at least 5 ways to reduce poverty and the impact each will have on the population.Essay should be in APA 7th edition format with at least 4 references. Include information from chapter 22 of the attached textbook.