Power Point

Resources: “Presentation Fundamentals” with Tatiana Kolovou on Lynda.com, Instructions for Completing a Video

Technology managers look for three critical fundamental skills from the IT professions hired today:

  • The ability to communicate effectively both verbally and in writing across all stakeholder levels
  • The ability to work in a team
  • The ability to think critically

You are on your second interview for a position in an Information Services Department. You will be presenting to a group of your peers, so they can see if you have good presentation skills. Your task is to:

  • Describe one of the following type of systems:
    • A Transaction Processing System (For example, POS, ATM, Online Ordering)
    • A Functional Department System (For example, HRIS, Finance, CRM)
    • An Enterprise Resource Planning System
  • Describe the components or subsytems of the system and what business function they address.
  • Identify one vendor or open source solution for the system you chose to describe.
  • Discuss why you chose this system and how it will affect the overall business functions of the organization.