power point

Task: You are in charge of developing a crisis intervention program for your organization. The choice of program and nature of your organization (such as, law enforcement, mental health center, crisis line, etc.) are up to you.

Power Point Option: Presentation should include at least 25 slides, with detailed speaker notes in the space below each slide

Slides must include an introduction, summary slide, and list of references.

Required Components:

Introduction. This should include a discussion of the need for your organization’s crisis intervention services.

Mission statement for your organization.

Service area of your organization (city, town, regional, nationwide, etc.).

Type/types of crisis/ crises to which you will respond.

Intervention services that you will provide.

Intervention mode (face to face, telephone, or online), and why you selected this mode.

Resources required to set up the crisis intervention program (use your imagination).

Personnel requirements for your organization, including qualifications.

Training program for responders. This should be a detailed outline and explanation of your training program.

Local/community agencies with whom you will partner to provide comprehensive services to your clients.

Other information that you feel is important.

what to avoid:

  1. Too much text on the slide. Limit your text to 6-7 large font bullet points. These should identify main ideas. All explanatory information belongs in the notes.