power point week 7

To complete this assignmen you have to read the case studi attached.Women’s Health Case StudiGeneral Guidelines for Comprehensive Case StudYou will complete the Aquifer case, Internal Medicine 14: 18-year-old female for pre-college physical, focusing on the“Revisit three months later”for this assignmen.After completing the Aquifer case, you will present the case and supporting evidence in a PowerPoin presentatio with the following components:Slide 1: Title, Student Name, Course, DateSlide 2: Summary or synopsis of Judy Pham’s caseSlide 3: HPISlide 4: Medical HistorySlide 5: Family HistorySlide 6: Social HistorySlide 7: ROSSlide 8: ExaminationnSlide 9: Labs (In-house)Slide 10: Primary Diagnosis and 3 Differential Diagnoses – ranked in priorityPrimary Diagnosis should be supported by data in the patient’s history, exame, and lab results.Slide 11: Management Plan: medication (dose, route, frequency), non-medication treatment, tests ordered, education, follow-up/referral.Slide 12-16: An evaluation of 5 evidence-based articles applicable to Ms. Pham’s case: evaluate 1 article per slide.Include title, author, and year of articleBrief summary/purpose of the studiHow did the studi support Ms. Pham’s case?Coourse texts will not count as a scholarly source. If using data from websites you must go back to the literature source for the information; no secondary sources are allowed, e.g. Medscape, UptoDate, etc.Slide 17: Reference List