Powerpoint presentation needed by 7pm EST

You have been selected to make an individual presentation to a small group describing the role of management in a business organization you have chosen in previous units. Your presentation should:Describe the organization’s vision and structureOutline the role of management in effective deployment of human resourcesExplain how the organization of the workforce can affect business performanceAnalyze the role of strategic and tactical directionEvaluate consequences of effective management on business outcomes and employee satisfactionEvaluate the consequences of ineffective management on business outcomes and employee satisfactionProvide recommendations for improving business outcomes and employee satisfaction drawing upon evidence from peer-reviewed journals and periodical.Your presentation should be a minimum of 15 slides total: A title page with name of presentation, your name, and name of course, at least 13 slides with information, and at least one reference page showing at least three references you have found. References should be in APA style. (For help with this, go to the Kaplan Writing Center or