PREPARE A SUBPOENA, Administrative Law help

EPA Assignment Part I: Prepare a Subpoena

Consider the following scenario:

Jane works for the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). She has been asked by her boss to complete a subpoena duces tecum to Fresh Kills landfill in Staten Island because they have not complied with an investigation request for reports.

For Part I of this assignment, complete the subpoena as you expect Jane would have done.

  • You can use the EPA’s subpoena duces tecum form (Links to an external site.).
  • The address of the landfill is 1979 North Main Street, Staten Island NY 00253.
  • The subpoena should be returned on January 15th, U.S. EPA Region 1, 500 North Government Way, Washington, DC, 57936.
  • Case No 34-2566
  • Regional Assistant at EPA: Joe Smith

Here is the information as to the investigation involving Fresh Kills:

Ralph Jones owns a garbage company in New York. The garbage company’s name is Waste, Inc. Waste, Inc. owns a landfill called Fresh Kills on Staten Island. The EPA wants reports for every load dumped at Fresh Kills for the past 5 years. This equals approximately 460,000 loads over the 5 years. They also want daily monitoring reports of all gas wells for the past year, including names of all employees participating in the monitoring.

Please complete the form entirely and pay attention to the details. The document should be “Law Office Ready”