presentation in The Impact of Tourism 1 Antigua: A Caribbean Case Study

see the Video of “The Impact of Tourism 1 Antigua: A Caribbean Case Study,” the following instructions are provided for your convenience. ( the Video is 30 min but it was only in class) her is a short one and u can use other resources about the same Video.

  1. If you were the Minister of Tourism in that destination, since it was indicated in the video that tourism was the only source of international revenue, would you consider implementing Casinos as another revenue generating source – if Yes Why? if No, Why Not?
  2. You must take into consideration, the social environment; the economic environment; and the possible impact on the overall environment, etc.
  3. You must prepare a 5-min PowerPoint presentation – please present a printed copy of the presentation to me at the beginning of class

Here is the format for your presentation:

  1. provide a brief background of the Island
  2. Discuss briefly the current social, economic, and environmental situation on the Island
  3. Discuss the positives and/or negatives of Casinos industry currently operating in any of the Islands in the Caribbean that helped you make your decision.