Presentation (PowerPoint min: 10 slides)

Must include:

· Project Proposal (February 16. 2020) — I will not remind you of your subject — this is your responsibility

· 5 or more Book sources or  scholarly journals  NO INTERNET SOURCES THIS WILL RESULT IN AN F

·  Wikipedia/Google are not credible sources. Use your library

APA formatted SLIDES will include:

* Title Slide

* Abstract

* Body of information (5 SLIDES MINIMUM ) DSM IV/V criteria must be included in this section

* Your conclusion on your findings (treatment, new information, etc.)

* Reference slide.

· Presentation (PowerPoint min: 10 slides)

· DSM IV or V Criteria must be included in your presentation Please look this up!!!

You may choose any DSM IV disorder, theory or theorist from chapters 14/15

Go to – Look under disorders to see the various choices if you want to choose a disorder – Remember you may also choose a theorist – or a psychological theory