Presentation topic: Cyber security ( A National Cyber Strategy )

The project will be a briefing presentation similar the ethics project. For those doing group projects, I would like the PowerPoint presentation to also include a short description of the contribution of each group member. The consolidated PowerPoint and consolidated paper will be submitted in the Assignment Folder by the last day of class 3/19.  

Below is a brief description of each question: 

  1. Problem.   Describe the current problem that the issue presents to the nation.  Indicate what the impact of not solving the issue will cause and why you think it has not been solved. On a scale of 1 (Low) to 5 (How), identify how urgent you think the problem, explaining your answer.


 II.   Equities.   List specific business and government equities or interests that your group believes MUST be reflected in any solution.  They will be very different for both the government and the business community – even on the same issue.  For example for cyber security, the government will be considered highly vulnerable until it can facilitate the development of a national cyber security strategy.   On the other hand, many businesses believe that is in their own interest to focus on protecting their company and its assets, and have little interest in participating in a national strategy where much information is required to be shared.   List the equities from your group’s perspective and draw some conclusions about the concerns of both sides, and how they may be reconciled.

III.   Business Centric Solution.   In this section, the business group should identify a solution that they believe would be primarily in the interests of the business community. For example, in the area of health care, the business community may prefer a policy that permits more flexibility in determining levels of participation. Try to find an example of a private sector solution and briefly describe the kinds of policy preferences this would result in.  And answer the question – why does government oppose this?

IV.   Government Centric Solution.   In this section, the group should identify a solution that government appears to favor. For example, in the case of Energy, the government prefers an emphasis on alternative to fossil fuels. Your project should explain the kinds of policy preferences this would results in.   And answer the question – why does business oppose this?

V.   A Third Way.  The final section of the paper should include an assessment as to whether any of the collaborative models presented in class – such as the mega-community model or some of the approaches discussed in Friedman’s writings offer hope for a better solution and a better future.  Briefly describe the approach you think may be relevant and how you think it might be utilized.   Also provide your assessment of how globalization will influence any solution you might offer. Finally, describe the kind of power/influence that will be required for your solution to be successfully implemented.

VI.  Major Change.  In this section, describe the change that must occur for it to come about.  Also identify the major barriers or resistance to change and how you would propose to overcome them. Finally, on a scale of 1 to 5, identify what your group believes is the likelihood that your “third way” proposal can occur within the next 5 years – and speculate on the overall impact if your recommendations are not achieved. 

VII. Individual Contribution.  Each student summarizes his/her contribution to the project. Place the statements in the last section of the power point presentation in 12 pt font. The group leader should include a statement at the beginning of this section that all members of the group concur with these statements.

Please Check the links as well

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4. Paris Attacks Show the Danger of Cell Phone Encryption, Says, Bratton, Politico See Also attached PDF –  

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Why the Government Keeps Getting Hacked (Washington Post)

6. Primer on Cybersecurity and Public Policy”

7. Federal Cyber strategic Plan Released – Federal Times

8. “US Not Prepared to Defend Power Grid from Cyber Attacks”  Huffington Post

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