Preventing Cyberbullying, homework help

1.(Log in to… . email: password: Nbajody1882600, )

2. On the home page, you will see MENU at top left of screen. Click on “Resources,” which is the fourth item down in the left column.

3. This is what you will then see at the right of screen: Search Course Resources Content and assignments Content by type Content by chapter Content I’ve created Removed content 2. Click on “Content by chapter” 3. Scroll down and click on: “Chapter 24: Constructing the Persuasive Speech (34)”

4. Scroll all the way down the page until you reach: Unit-wide resources

5. You will see at the top of the list of persuasive speeches, two speeches marked: ✓ In use Full Online Persuasive Speech with Questions: Lui ✓ In use Full Online Persuasive Speech with Questions: Hahn

6. Click on each speech: Lui, “Preventing Cyberbullying” and “Hahn, Becoming a Socially Conscious Consumer” (#2) You might find the questions below the videos useful!

Then write an essay.

ESSAY: Which persuasive speech is the most effective and why? This essay requires you to focus on the key elements that make up an effective persuasive speech. You are to compare each speech, which means you need to write about both speeches, not one.

Which introduction was stronger? Was the hook effective? Clear thesis and preview? Credibility? Relevance? Were the main points supported in the body of the speech? Transitions? Was the evidence convincing? Did the conclusion have a signal phrase, summary, and a call to action? Then analyze the delivery of each speaker, both physical (gestures, eye contact, confidence, deportment, etc.) and vocal (vocal variety, rate, projection, avoid habit words, etc.) Who had better physical and vocal delivery? Why? Explain. If in doubt about what areas to analyze, look at the persuasive speech evaluation form in the Handbook I provided you. Your essay should be typed, double space, 12-font, 3-5 pages.