Procedure Manual Proposal Power Point Presentation homework help

The final table of contents should look like this

Procedures manual document shell (in MS Word format)

  1. Title Page
    • Course number and name
    • Project name
    • Your name
    • Date
  2. Table of contents (autogenerated)
    • This should be on a separate page
    • This should be a maximum of 3 levels deep
    • Fields should be updated so that the TOC it is up-to-date before submitting your project
    • Section headings
  3. Project Outline
  4. Abstract
  5. Procedures Manual Outline
  6. Procedures Manual Proposal
  7. Procedures Manual Brochure
  8. Procedures Manual Preparation Plan
  9. Procedures Manual
  10. Procedures Manual: Quick Reference
  11. Procedures Manual Training (PowerPoint Deck)

you will also create the training presentation slides summarizing material in the procedures manual,

10 Power Point slides one for each subject in the table of contents with speaker notes summarizing each subject.